eCommerce Awards

The eCommerce Awards are going to launch in the next few days, please stay tuned.

These are the 2016 eCommerce Awards categories we’re considering:

eCommerce Awards
== General Categories ==
Best eCommerce – Micro / Small
Best eCommerce – Medium –
Best eCommerce – International –
Best eCommerce – Retail with physical presence (Bricks and Mortar)
Best B2B eCommerce

== Industry Categories ==
Best Telecommunications eCommerce
Best Banking, Insurance & Financial Services eCommerce
Best Tourism eCommerce (Hotels, Tours)
Best Food and Drink (Small to Medium)
Best Food and Drink (Large)

== eCommerce Campaigns ==
Best eCommerce Customer Service
Best Marketing & Advertising eCommerce Campaign
Best Social Media Campaign for eCommerce
Best Mobile eCommerce Campaign

== Fintech Categories ==
Fintech Company Website
Fintech App
Fintech Startup

=== Grand Prix ==
Best Agency
eCommerce Company of the Year